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 Unban Request

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Unban Request Empty
PostSubject: Unban Request   Unban Request I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2012 9:11 pm



What Happened?:
I was playing normally, and a glitch happened: a car exploded next to me, my health bar got emptied but i didn't get wasted. i kept getting shot at but i just wouldn't die. this is the second time this glitch has occurred to me in the past couple of days. i asked my friend about this and he told me i should type: "/kill" in the chat bar

What admin you think that banned you:
i am not sure which admin banned me

When did you get banned:
i got banned on Monday the 23rd of july 2012 early morning

Pictures & Videos and Proof:
unfortunately i did not take any pictures of this glitch as i didn't think i would be needing it.

I really hope you would unban me as this was not not a health hack but merely a glitch. If you hopefully choose to unban me i will commit suicide using : "/kill" if this glitch ever occurs to me again, Thank you.
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Unban Request
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